Tell us about Yourself.


My name is Abimbola Makanjuola. I run, manage and own Feyzkitchen, a company that specializes in making delicious Nigerian dishes.

My business is located in Guelph but I cover the CKW as well as the GTA. For those who don’t know what CKW means, It means Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo Area.

How did you come up with the business name?


My business name was coined from my name Feyi and I just added a kitchen to it, so instead of saying Feyi’s kitchen…you can as well say Feyzkitchen.

What inspired your business idea?


My business idea was inspired by my mother. She was a dentist and also a caterer on the side. However, when I moved to Guelph in 2017, there was probably no caterer around. So, on my daughter’s birthday, I made all the foods for the party and people started asking for the caterer that I used and so I told them I cooked everything all by myself.

From that moment, people never stopped pushing me to start the food business. After rejecting the idea for a long while, I finally realized that I had nothing to lose. I thank God for how the business has grown today, after reluctantly starting months later.

Have you registered your business?


Not at the moment.

Has your business started in Canada or elsewhere?


My catering business started here in Canada.

Now, Tell us about your business?


I make an array of delicious Nigerian food, such as the popular authentic Naija smokey Jollof, pastries, soups, and I also cater for events.

In all honesty, starting my business in Canada wasn’t as easy as I thought. It was very different from how a food business was run back home. Also, you have fewer helping hands, which was my case when I started initially. I did lots of free foods and also would charge barely anything from people just to get them familiar with my services and taste my food. I was very convinced that they would love it if they tasted my food.

My major challenge is that I make very little profit compared to how much work I put into the cooking. I think about charging per hour, which wouldn’t be a bad idea but then I can’t really do that. I also think that clients need to understand, that they can’t really compare the amount being charged on food in Canada, with the amount we pay back home. Because everything here is expensive and there is no room for bargain.

How do you mix business and your Job?


The grace of God has been sufficient, I mean it hasn’t been an easy ride but I always find a way around it.

A word of advice for someone looking to start a business in Canada.


Do your work! Conduct a thorough market survey and know your target audience. But most importantly be unique and always remember there will always be a competitor…so always strive for greatness.

How to contact Feyzkitchen?



252 Stone Road West, unit 86, Guelph, Ontario Canada – N1G 2V7


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