Going Virtual?

With the pandemic, many stores have learned that business has to be done wherever you are. And to locate your customers, you have to go virtual. This is why we are excited to inform you that DMS ShopHERE has a program that can help you take your business online

The goal of ShopHERE Powered By Google is to build and optimize online stores for small independent businesses and artists in just a matter of days. With ShopHERE, businesses get to expand their selling opportunities into the online market by going virtual

What does ShopHERE helps you with?

  • An online Shopify eCommerce website customized with your information, theme, logo, and branding
  • Hands-on assistance setting up and launching your online store to help with going virtual
  • Additional training to support your online store including topics like digital marketing, shipping, and inventory management
  • Access to free tools to help support the successful launch of your online store
    In this webinar, you will get the answers to the top questions we’ve received about the ShopHERE program, including:

Who is Digital Main Street?
What is ShopHERE?
What does it mean to sell online, and why should my business?
Do I qualify for this program?
What are the costs involved?
Do you have any examples of completed websites?

ShopHERE creates online stores for independent small businesses and artists at no cost. If you want to learn more about ShopHERE go to: http://www.digitalmainstreet.ca/shophere

  • creates and configures your online store to help with going virtual
  • trains you on how to manage it
  • provides support to get your online store live
  • helps with marketing the store
  • under 10 full time employees (25 if a restaurant)
  • registered business in Ontario
  • can be a business or artist
  • home based or commercial business
  • free 1:1 support with building and launching an online store
  • ad credits including $100 for Facebook and Google
  • free .CA domain registration
  • and many more benefits


ShopHERE is funded by the federal government, province of Ontario and key corporate sponsors to help Ontario businesses and artists get selling online.

ShopHERE powered by Google is a program brought to you by the government of Ontario with the Federal government, plus corporate partners: Mastercard, Shopify, Microsoft and Facebook.

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