Tell us about Yourself.


My name is Funmilayo Odeniyi. A fashion designer by passion, and the owner of MichNat_Fashion, a company that specializes in making custom African clothing.

My business is located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. But I ship my products, wherever my customers are.

How did you come up with the business name?


My business name was inspired by my children. Michnat is a combination of my two children’s names. Mich is short for Michelle, and Nat a short for Nathaniel. Hence, the name Michnat, and because I am a fashion Designer, I added Fashion. Now that you know what the name means, let’s talk about what Michnat_fashion has to offer.

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What inspired your business idea?


My business idea was inspired by my passion for fashion and African prints. I knew from the onset that I had a thing for fashion. So, I pushed myself and did all I could, to make a living out of this passion. Today, I can congratulate myself and everyone that inspired and encouraged me to not give up on the dream.

Have you registered your business?


Yes! like I said earlier, My business is my passion and doing all I needed to make sure I follow all rules and regulations, is a priority for me..

Has your business started in Canada or elsewhere?


My business started here in Canada.

Now, Tell us about your business?


Michnat_fashion is an African inspired clothing brand. We infuse African print/ fabric into our designs to give a contemporary feel to our clients. The process for clothing brand is quite easy, all I did was to register the company and that was it.

The most important pro is the fact that other people that are not from Africa get to appreciate the beauty and richness of the African culture. Which is the reason why we mix the African print with other fabric to make it fashionable to everyone’s taste. Also, it brings out our diversity.

One of the Cons is the fact that some people are not familiar with the African culture. Which makes them uncomfortable wearing our prints or see the beauty in it. On the other hand, our fellow Africans are not easy to convert as clients. First, because they come from a part of Africa, where they are used to ordering their products at a lower cost and don’t make the difference between the cost of raw materials in Canada and Africa. But one thing to keep in mind is that even if we get the material at a cheaper cost from Africa, the shipping cost to have it in Canada already drains the profit.

I understand and appreciate the few customers that patronize the brand against all odds, and I hope to always find a way to meet their needs.

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How do you mix business and personal life?


After discovering my passion for fashion, I did not let anything get on my way. My full focus is on my business and of course my adorable family.

A word of advice for someone looking to start a business in Canada.


Canada is a land of opportunity, No doubt! but it is up to you to find the opportunity and embrace it to make something out of it. You should try what works for you and keep trying until you get it right. Every journey starts with a step and once you take that step, every other thing is just learning and experience.

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How to contact Michnat_fashion?


252 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada


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