Tell us about Yourself.


My name is Ruth Okoye. A fashion designer and Certified food handler. I’m the owner of a fashion company, named Onyecouture and a catering business called Elewemoimoi. Onyecouture focuses on providing the best African clothing in Canada, and Elewemoimoi satisfies your hunger for the original moi-moi from Nigeria. In general, I make you feel good inside and outside.

Even though my business is located in Oakville, Ontario, my customers are all over Canada and beyond.

Apart from my personal passion, I am also a Personal Support Worker (PSW).

How did you come up with the business name?


My fashion business was named after my first child “Onye”. But my second business name speaks for itself. “Elewe +moi-moi”

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What inspired your business idea?


The idea of Onyecouture was inspired by my love for African designs, and Elewemoimoi was inspired by my love for locally made food.

Have you registered your business?


Yes! My businesses are registered.

Has your business started in Canada or elsewhere?


My businesses started in Nigeria and currently run in Canada, where i live.

Now, Tell us about your business?


I own two businesses in Canada, as mentioned earlier. Onyecouture is about making ready to wear African clothes, in order to bring our culture to the Canadian mass. While Elewemoimoin focuses on making delicious and soft moimoi from Nigeria.

The process of starting my business was a bit tough; but once I set my mind to something I get it done with God’s grace.

I developed a unique fashion style that meets both African and non-african’s need and design various collections for all seasons.

I also realized the demand for moimoi was high but the offer was non-existent. So, I decided to use my expertise in the making of the savory moimoi, to meet people’s need. I’m happy to see how far both my fashion and catering businesses have led me so far, and I’m looking forward to greater days.

Since nothing great comes easy, my businesses also come with pros and cons.

THE PROS – I am blessed to be in a country, where life is made easier and the process of conducting business is straightforward. I have my shop at home, which saves me a lot of time and I make my own schedule.

THE CONS – I mentioned earlier that the process of conducting business is straightforward. But it doesn’t come cheap. Between the loss from the competition, the advertisement cost, and the stress, the struggle is real. But with some determination and the grace of God, my businesses are still competitive.

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How do you mix business and personal life?


To be honest, It’s really exhausting being a mother, a wife and running two businesses. But I’m a strong woman who knows how to balance it all.

A word of advice for someone looking to start a business in Canada.


Dear new business owners; Start from somewhere and be very positive. Positivity is one of the things that kept me moving to date, and I can say that I’m seeing the results. I understand that starting up may be very challenging, but NEVER GIVE UP if you have a passion for it.

Business contacts?



Oakville,ontario Canada


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