We are live..

Today September 21st 2021, Smarket4you went live. Yesssssss….

This wouldn’t have been possible without You and Us. For that, we would like to thank you.


Smartmarketforyou is a platform that promotes Black-owned businesses in Canada. To make this easier, we created a website (directory) where all Black vendors can connect and be discovered. But you wonder why Smarket4you! Smarket4you is a brand of Smartmarketforyou like many others yet to be unveiled.

Smarket4you is a project that started in January 2019 in Canada. Because we needed a strong community of Black-owned businesses to make this vision see the daylight, we created an Instagram page under the main Brand name (smarket4you) in February 2019, and today we have close to 3000 vendors and customers sharing our vision. Every day, the vision kept growing based on the needs of our followers and (vendors). Today we are happy to say that with your involvement and love, we are growing and will continue evolving.

Now Smarket4you is here and will remain your number one Black owned businesses directory in Canada. This is not just a statement but a belief that together we can continue to grow. We are hoping to hear from you, your comments, your opinions, your critics, and anything that can shape us towards our goals.

Looking forward to sharing more on our news page with you. We promise to not keep this page just about us but about all You and Us

How does it work?
The platform will function as a directory, where anyone already in Canada or coming to Canada can find the nearest Black business, to where they live or will be living. This will make it easier for newbies to connect with you and avoid the pain that we all went through the first time we landed in Canada, and also make it easy for residents to find you. Customers can search your products by category, address, and contact information, then get in touch to arrange a purchase offsite.

How much does it cost?
Here is the question you had in mind. Yes! it is as free as promoting your product on our Instagram page. The great thing is that you get a page where you post your products and you get a URL (link to webpage) specific to your store, that can be posted on your IG page for your customers to click and view your products.

What do I pay for?
As mentioned above the website is free until January when we add payment and shipping options.

Thank you for your support!!!

we are live


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